International Literature Festival Dublin
May 21st - 29th, 2016

Launch - Monday, May 23rd Lighthouse Cinema, Smithfield 6.30pm

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Painting by Brian Palm


In Between Silence, where we really exist is a series of sound pieces featuring storytelling from some of Ireland’s finest writers, including Anne Enright and Roddy Doyle, underscored by music specially commissioned from groundbreaking composer, producer and visual artist Stano.

Featuring stories that range across time and space, from the Australian outback to Sri Lanka, and across a vast array of emotions, In Between Silence is a journey in sound, blending cutting-edge soundscapes with deeply personal tales.

This inaugural event, taking place at the Lighthouse, features a live discussion from writers who were involved in the project, but more sound pieces will be staged in venues across Dublin throughout the festival. 

A different selection of stories will play on the hour at a range of venues throughout Dublin City. 


Hugh Lane Gallery,
Parnell Square, Dublin 1
May 21st - 29th,  12pm - 4pm. (closed Monday)

IFSC, Dublin 1
May 21st - 29th (12pm - 4pm)

The City Assembly House
58, Sth. William St. Dublin 2
May 21st - 29th, 10am - 6pm (Sunday 12pm - 6pm)

Windmill Lane Recording Studios
Ringsend Road, Dublin 4
May 21st - 29th 12pm - 4pm (closed Sunday).

The New Theatre
43, East Essex St. Dublin 2
May 25th - 27th Weds. -  Thurs. 1pm and 2pm   Fri. 2pm and 3pm