Donald Teskey, Robert Ballagh and Brian Maguire created this triptych in memory of the late artist John Duffy. John was a very  close friend of Stano, he was a gifted painter,  they had exhibited together many times and had collaborated on a series of paintings exhibited in City Hall, Dublin 'Nothing to be Gained' (two artists, one canvas). When John passed away in December 2014, Stano contacted the three artists to see if they would collaborate on a triptych in honour of John and they agreed.

John was also a writer and his last wish was that Stano would release an album of his poems. This  album 'Wet with Starlight Rain' was released in December 2015, Stano gave the artists one of Johns poems to listen to while they painted, each interpreted in their own unique way and brought to the work their own experience of the man and his art.

This unique work is for sale to benefit Johns wife and young family.

If you are interested in acquiring this unique collaboration between three of irelands finest painters, please contact me to arrange a viewing.


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Robert, Brian, Donald and Stano at the John Duffy Memorial Exhibition.

In conversation, Robert and Brian.