What the storytellers say


 RODDY DOYLE, writer - speaking on Sept 1st 2016: “Working with Stano was an extraordinary, surprising experience. I was deeply moved when I first heard the music that he had joined to my words, and how he’d filled and stretched the gaps between the words and sentences, how he’d taken a couple of hundred spoken words and made, to my ear, something brand new, a new form of story-telling, out of them.”

DERMOT BOLGER, writer - The National Museum of Ireland Sept 4 2016 “I listened to Brian Palms story and within 90 seconds of it I knew that I trusted Stano implicitly and that sense of trust is so important. You don’t always trust people and particularly when you’re a writer, because you’re dealing with producers and people are trying to make you say things in a certain way and there was a sense that here was somebody who was opening up this space where you could say what you wanted to say. With this project, Stano is producing a reservoir of stories of our lives, of what it’s like to be in the world.” 

THEO DORGAN, Poet - Arena RTE Radio 1, May 19 2016 : “It’s a kind of a paradox. Stano has brought us to the cinema to listen to stories and look at nothing, but of course you’re not looking at nothing, you’re looking at something that’s inside the whole imaginative space of your own consciousness. There’s an image at the end of each piece so you do get a little bit of visual stimulus but the stimulus is in the sounds and in the words, it’s in the soundscape. It’s more than what we think of as music….I don’t think I’ve ever experienced such a kaleidoscope of images in the dark. ”

STANO (Arena RTE Radio May 19th 2016) “What I’m trying to do is underpin the story with an atmosphere, with a mood, because stories are really visual and my background is in manipulating sound and almost doing a soundtrack to a film that doesn’t exist, that’s really what I’m doing. Its harking back to when we sat around the fire telling stories, the crackle of the fire would have been the soundscape, I’m trying to recreate that feeling.”